Japan, located in Asia

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Japan, located in Asia

Post by Teardream on Thu May 21, 2015 10:38 am

Japan still prospers to this day, despite the war raging on around them. They have their own demons, you see. Every myth and legend that was ever told in Japan has become true and fight the demons that dare to enter their territory. The Japanese and the Guardians live together in peace and prosperity. Screamers are still hidden in Japan, but they only wish to live a peaceful life. They eat bodies from the cities' morgues and leave Japan every month to help the Guardians and the Fighters in their battles. Currently, all of the Screamers are absent from this area. They're all in Germany, helping the Fighters.

You are allowed to be a Civilian or Screamer in this area. You will be notified if the Screamers have to leave.


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