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Description and Rules

Post by Teardream on Thu May 21, 2015 10:54 am

DESCRIPTION: This is a fantasy roleplay, where you, the players, come from different countries, cities, villages, anywhere and have heard a rumor about a strange city named "". It is found at the edge of the world. You, the players, Have to eventually end up there. You can go to other places BEFORE the city, but eventually, you must end up there.


NO SPAMMING-- No one wants to see the same message over and over again, so please, Spare us your idiocy.

NO EXPLICIT CONTENT-- PLEASE. There might be a younger player on here! Don't scar them for life just because some reproduction is going on! Gorey scenes are allowed, but please, control the sexual content. We don't wanna know what's going on. You can just imagine what happens.

LANGUAGE-- Please try not to swear at other players. It's impolite and unruly.

BE POLITE TO OTHER PLAYERS-- This is an important rule! No swearing at them, cyberbullying, or just being plain grumpy. I understand your family just died, or your dad is abusive, or the kids at school aren't the nicest people in the world, but no one wants you to be grumpy and cynical about it! We'll comfort you if you tell us what happened, but please don't be an old grandpa who just scowls all day and spits in a vase.

WORD MINIMUM-- My word minimum here is AT LEAST 25. I don't want one of those short, crapilly written replies you do on facebook and twitter. I want REAL replies. The ones that make you imagine what's going on in your head. I want THOSE replies.

GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION, AND SPELLING-- Please use the spelling correction device. I don't want to have to edit all of your posts just because you were too lazy to spell-check your message. The grammar has to be at least sixth grader level, and the punctuation has to exit. It cant be a mindless teenager's post.
For example; GOOD SENTENCE;
"I wish I could go home," Dorothy said sorrowfully; losing Kansas to a tornado and being placed in a land where fairies poop lollipops, witches get their power from shoes, and everone is extremely gay wasn't the best thing that has ever happened to her.

maybe i should go back 2 walmart thiefery the blonde crackpot elf mumbled under his breath as he lifted his face from the pile of leaves around him

You see my concern? First one, Good. Second one, YOU NEED HELP, LITTLE CRACKPOT LINK! These are all of the rules and the description. Enjoy the roleplay as much as you can.


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